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CHAMPIONS we will be.

About Athletics Mercado

David Mercado and Brian Tidd partnered in 2010 and started the Gamers Academy Inc. Building from one age group of players then two, and then our third in the first couple of years started the building of exceptional Players and Teams. Over the past ten years of continued innovation and performance model has progressed this Academy into one of the Top Academy’s in the Nation today. The success of the model has allowed our Academy to expand and operate throughout the nation. The product of coaches, players and teams we put on the field every season is second to none. The expectations from Mercado and Tidd is to be the best in everything faucet of this sport. Our coaches within all regions are the best in the country and they continue to develop our athletes to be the best. We have always said quality over quantity and this model is proven based on our year over year results and the National Championships we have won.


Promote a positive atmosphere of social, emotional, and physical development of our players. Provide mentorship and encouragement for player confidence on and off the field for continued success and excellence. Inspire sportsmanship, values, ethics, teamwork and dedication within our Academy and the softball community. Build our players to BE THE EXAMPLE and to lead others in this sport and in the future endeavors outside of the sport.


Change Lives through Sports. Build relationships that last a lifetime. Prepare and development female athletes to have integrity, honesty and loyalty within their peers and the community.


Develop players to work harder, play smarter, and WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS.